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Leather Products

Leather or similiar materials used by the Karun brand are supplied from factories that produce high-end leather around the world. When using your accessories such as gold, platinum and silver, you must show the same care to your leather accessories in order to use for a long time. Some points to pay attention to this;

  • Extreme heat and moisture can affect the appearance of your leather accessories. Therefore, avoid direct heat and moisture contact at the beach, garden, pool or sea. 
  • The best choice for storing; when you are not using is the Karun’s jewellery box or pouch.
  • Gently wipe the skin with a wet cotton cloth to remove stains that may occur due to use.
  • Never try to dry it with a dryer after your cleaning process. Let it dry at room temperature.
  • Any cleaning material or any kind of polishing material you use may cause permanent stains that you don’t want. 

Karun Jewellery

Mücevherlerde ki titizlikle yaratılan tasarımlar hem sizin hemde yaşam alanlarınızda ruhunuzu yansıtan stilinize uygun objelerle birleşiyor. Karun’un herkese hitap eden eşsiz parçaların olduğu geniş dünyasına davetlisiniz.

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