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There are 4 main features to consider when choosing a diamond.

These properties known as "4C":

  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Carat weight





Nature determines many of a diamond’s properties, but uncovering the real sparkle of the stone’s, fire and ultimate beauty depends on the skill of an experienced cutting master. Regardless of the shape and size, good quality cut diamond reflects the light through itself. Light reflects mirror-like surfaces and diffuses out from the top of the stone, revealing its fiery glow. If the diamond is cut too deep or too flat, it may lose light from the sides or bottom, causing it to lose value. The word of “cut” express the shape of a diamond. Mostly known as Round, oval, square, drop and heart shape. According the advanced technology different shapes and models will be uncovering.



Diamond seems like a colour of the rainbow, but white which is the common colour is mostly prefered one. That colour diamonds up to the tones of white will be on alphabetic order D to Z. The colour differences between them are so indistinct, classified should be done by an expert under controlled light and compared to a standard set of colours. Two diamonds with the same clarity and carat may have different prices depending on their colour. 



Every diamond is unique. Nature has made each as unique as the person wearing it. The natural features that exist in diamonds and called "spots" are known as "fingerprints of nature" and reflect the uniqueness of each stone. These small traces which are generally invisible with the eye, are minerals inside the diamond or cracks formed under the earth's crust. The number, type, colour, size and location of these traces also affect the value of the diamond. The cleanliness degree of the stone is determined by examining it with a lens magnifying 10 times under a sufficient light by the experts.
Carat weight
Carat is a unit of diamond weight. 1 carat is 0,20 gram. According to weight of the stone price can be change. Generally solitaire cause great differences and disproportionately effects the price as they exceed certain limits. For example, diamond of one carat will be more valuable than the same colour, cut and clarity half-carat weight diamond.